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Rain, Rain, Go Away (But Seriously, It's Okay!) ️

Here at Rita Rose Events, we know Colorado couples dream of breathtaking mountain backdrops for their weddings. But hey, mountain weather can be a bit unpredictable – blizzards in May, anyone? ❄️ The good news is, a little rain shouldn't derail your dream wedding day!

Because the truth is, you can't control the weather. That's why we, as wedding planners, are here to help you prepare for anything! Here are some tips to ensure your special day remains stress-free, rain or shine:

  • Be Prepared: Having a solid backup plan is key. Discuss options with your venue about tents, covered porches, or even an indoor ceremony space in case of rain.

  • Time is on Your Side: Build some buffer time into your wedding timeline. This flexibility allows for a smooth rain delay, giving everyone a chance to adjust without sacrificing any key moments.

  • Embrace the Unexpected: Here's a little secret: rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck! So, why not roll with it? Think adorable umbrellas, cute rain boots (hello, unique wedding photos!), and a celebration filled with laughter and love.

Remember, your wedding day is about celebrating your love story. A little rain won't dampen the joy and connection you share with your partner and loved ones. Let us, your wedding planning team, help you navigate any weather situation and ensure your wedding is a day filled with beautiful memories, rain or shine! ✨

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